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New Pet Shop in Morecambe

We are very excited to announce the opening of our new pet shop in Morecambe. Opening in February 2020 on the White Lund Estate in Morecambe. The next phase in our masterplan to promote healthy pets and great nutrition. The shop will run alongside our online shop and we will still be providing local and national delivery. However, you will now be able to visit our store for advice, supplies and of course, a friendly face.

The Grand Opening

The new pet shop in Morecambe will open on Saturday, February 8th 2020, You are all welcome to join us in the celebration of our Open Day. Bring your little ones down for our special Raptor Encounter, featuring VIP guest, Allen the owl. There is also a reptile counter and special discounts on offer, not to mention a scrumptious catering van on site!  

What’s on Offer?

Pet Food in Morecambe

We aim to supply the local community with everything you could need for your beloved pets. In addition to our popular VP Banquet and Forage range, we also stock other branded pet food in Morecambe. Whether you’re shopping for a feathered or a furry friend, there is something for all. Below is just a few of the products you can expect to see in store;

Discount small animal, reptile, bird, poultry, cat, and dog supplies.

Specialist hays, forage, and treats.

Woodshavings and Litters.

Branded pet food.

Toys and accessories.

Affordable, spacious rabbit & guinea pig housing, tortoise tables & enclosures, small animal runs, custom build options.

Rosewood and Wraptious Official Stockist

Where to Find Us

We are located at the front of Armadillo Storage, opposite Bookers Cash and Carry on the White Lund Industrial Estate. There is reserved customer only parking immediately outside the shop. You can also use our online shop for convenient click and collect. In addition, you can check stock availability 24/7 online.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8am - 11.30 am

Call: 07852 224465

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