VP Pet Hydrotherapy

We are thrilled to officially launch our Canine Hydrotherapy Suite May 2022. Boasting a state of the art Under Water Treadmill for precision pet rehabilitation.
Therapy Fees £28
Initial Vet Referred Consultation including Management Plan & Hydro Session 
Repeat Vet Referred Consultation including Hydro Session
Introduction to Water Puppy Session
Adult Dog Condition & Fitness Session
Weight loss Session

    All pets will require a signed fit to swim referral from their own Vet. This is a simple process, simply email VP-hydro@outlook.com, request to be referred, we will send this to your vet on your behalf and then book your appointment!

    To make enquiries or to book, please email our Hydro Team on



    What is canine hydrotherapy?
    Canine hydrotherapy is a form of non-weight bearing exercise, this can be seen in either a swimming pool or the use of an underwater treadmill. Hydrotherapy involves the use of key water properties which are important in facilitating rehabilitation. The key water properties help to reduce pressure from the joints and encourage a greater range of movement.

    What are the key water properties and what do they mean?


    Buoyancy is the upward exerted force onto an object when immersed in the water, this reduces the weight going through the limbs and makes movement easier.

    Hydrostatic pressure:

    This is the pressure exerted onto the body when submerged in water, this reduces swelling and inflammation.


    Resistance is greater in the water compared to walking on land. It creates a cushioning effect on submerged limbs which makes movement harder, this helps to increase muscle mass.


    This is the movement of the water which can create a more challenging environment for the patient. This can only be used in fitness patients.


    Water molecules tend to adhere to each other creating a greater resistance, this is greater on the surface of the water.

    Specific gravity

    The ratio of body weight compared to the ratio of water, this helps with buoyancy.


    The underwater treadmill is set to 28-32 degrees Celsius. The warmth of the water helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, increases blood flow and increases muscle relaxation.


    What are the benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs?

    Evidence based benefits of hydrotherapy indicate that it:
    Removes pressure from the joints which improves range of motion
    Reduces inflammation
    Helps to increase blood circulation
    Increases muscle mass
    Improves stamina and strength in a controlled environment
    Provides cardiovascular fitness
    Provides mental stimulation

    Underwater treadmill specific benefits include: 
    Allows the water level to be adjusted to suit the needs of the patient
    Increases proprioception from having contact with the treadmill belt
    Helps to re-educate gait
    Can alter the speed which is important in rehabilitation
    Increases muscle mass due to a degree of weight going through the limbs
    Encourages equal weight bearing
    Allows for more controlled movement, which is important after surgery
    Dogs often feel more relaxed when they can touch the floor so are less likely to panic

    Features and Benefits of VP Pet Hydro UWTM
    Our walk through design with patented twin opening doors, eliminates the need to turn patients around.
    Precise adjustment of system settings. Water depth, speed and temperature for precision therapy implementation.
    360° viewing angle, offers an airy feel for the patient and ease of analysis for our therapists.
    Side platforms allow the therapist to work with each dog within the treadmill. Essential interaction for advanced hydrotherapy.
    Fast fill and empty times of heated and sanitised water, making this system the cleanest and most comfortable rehabilitation program available.