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VP Pet Supplies is an independent business, offering pet supplies in Morecambe. We offer local and national delivery on a wide range of pet products. From domestics such as cats and dogs, to exotics such as beardies and tortys, we have something all your critters. We love your pets just as you do. Which is why we know how much you care about their nutrition and wellbeing. Therefore, we have explained a bit more about VP Pet Supplies below;

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Where it all began

Luxury Pet Boarding in Morecambe

Victoria Pedder RVN Cert C&G VNES started her career as a veterinary nurse back in 1998. During this time, she worked with a wide range of pets and animals developing her skill set and experience. After completing her Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species, she realised a gap in the market. There was a distinct lack of small animal and reptile boarding opportunities in the area. Therefore, in 2015, Victoria began her new venture offering luxury pet boarding in Morecambe. VP Exotics was established, and our journey begins…

How We Developed

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A further lack of balanced nutrition available to exotic pets led to our research and development of our own line; Nutritious pet food for rabbits, guinea pigs, and tortoises. VP Exotics Banquet Range was launched in early 2016 and has become a popular product both locally and nationally. The success of the VP Banquet led to the next chapter in our story….


Pamper your pets in Luxury Boarding while you holiday


Local and national delivery available for all of our pet products 


Shop with confidence VP Pet Supplies is owned by registered veterinary nurse

Where We Are Now

As we enter 2020, the popularity of our banquet range is overwhelming. So much so that we have now introduced our newly refined online shop. In addition to expanding our product range to include gifts, toys, and treats. All of which is researched in depth by Victoria herself. The aim of our new site is to offer all VP Pet Supplies clients an easy online solution. You can now browse all our products in the online pet shop or book nursing and boarding with ease.

What Next

Pet Shop in Morecambe

The next chapter of the VP Pet Supplies story sees the opening of our new Pet shop in Morecambe. Based on the White Lund Estate, the store will house everything you need for your little critter. Our open day will be on Saturday 8th February 2020. There will be a Raptor Encounter with special guest Allen the Owl, a Reptile Encounter, special discounts and on-site catering van for food and drinks and much more!

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8am - 11.30 am

Call: 07852 224465

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