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Bubble Cat
Bubble Cat
Bubble Cat
Bubble Cat
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Bubble Cat

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We do our best to keep our cat comfortable by providing them with good-quality food, a proper bed, and lots of love and attention. Another thing that is necessary to ensure your cat is happy and healthy is toys! There are a lot of cat toys available on the market but cats tend to be picky.

Your cat needs a toy that is interactive and fun. Bubble Cat Kitty Tuff Bubbles are a way to kill the boredom for your pet. You can simply use it with a manual bubble gun and watch your cat have fun! This interactive Kitty Bubble pack has super strong bubbles. Once these bubbles are created, you'll be amazed at how excitedly your cat jumps and pops all the bubbles.

The bubbles are completely non-toxic as we all know that your felines health is more important than anything else. This interactive cat toy is also useful in relieving stress and anxiety. It can also help improve your cats overall behaviour by keeping him happy and distracted every day. Bond with your cat over this pop and play cat toy and make some memories!

Product Dimensions: 20.6 cm (D) x 9.3 cm (W) x 2.4 cm (H)

Product Benefits

  • Non-toxic bubble formula to use in a bubble toy gun.
  • Creates big bubbles that your cat will love.
  • An innovative way to have fun with your cat every day.
  • A great stress reliever for your cat.
  • Perfect bonding toy for owners and cats.