CLEARANCE SALE Bully Billows 4cm Combat Collar Large
Bully Billows

CLEARANCE SALE Bully Billows 4cm Combat Collar Large

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BullyBillows Nylon Collars are hard-wearing with a soft quick-drying neoprene lining for your dogs comfort. Featuring Stainless Steel D Loop, Eyelets & Buckle.

Including 4 evenly spaced eyelets to ensure you can adjust the collar to fit your dog at all stages in life, even during growth stages.

Triple stitched nylon material lined with neoprene to eliminate/prevent ALL burn marks to the fur your dog may experience with wearing traditional collars.

Padded with a generous layer of soft neoprene for ultimate comfort.
Coated in Neoprene which is quick drying and soft.
Triple Stitched
Soft, extremely durable nylon with triple stitching for added strength.
Suitable for big and small breeds in a range of sizes to choose from.