Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Indoor

Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Indoor

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The right diet for indoor guinea pigs
While indoor Guinea pigs might roam the lounge rather than the great outdoors, they still need to get all of the nutrients from their diet that they would find grazing in the wild.

With proceteed vitamin C, dandelion and passionflower our Indoor Guinea Pig nuggets have been specially formulated for your Guinea Pigs’ needs. As prey species Guinea Pigs can suffer from stress without outwardly showing it so we have created a calm formula with added L-Tryptophan.
These tasty nuggets should be fed as part of our vet recommended Excel feeding plan to ensure your rabbits get all they need to help them stay happy and healthy.
** Calm formula contains L-Tryptophan, a serotonin precursor which has a role in the regulation of stress"