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Churu Cat
Churu Cat
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Churu Cat

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Churu® is the luxuriously creamy, lick-able puree treat that cats & dogs all over the world go crazy for.

Exceptionally palatable and made with super high quality ingredients, you can see the difference in texture and smell with our treats, your pets can certainly taste the difference.

As well as our lick-able Churu tubes your pets can enjoy Churu wrapped in succulent chicken breast in stick shaped rolls or bite sized pieces.

Grain & Potato Free

Low Calorie

High Moisture

Creamy & Irresistible

Natural, No Nasties

Functional Ingredients

High Welfare Chicken

Dolphin Safe Tuna

Sustainable Seafood

Good enough to eat...

We have been making food for humans since 1805 and all our treats are made in our state-of-the-art facilities with the best quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Extra goodness...

All of our treats have added functional ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Natural Collagen and Vitamin E.

Fresh & tasty...

Our packaging technology ensures our treats stay soft and moist without artificial preservatives until your pet is ready to enjoy them.