Frontline Spray 100ml
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Frontline Spray 100ml

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Frontline spray is a treatment that kills fleas and ticks by contact of the parasite with the medicine deposited on your pet's skin.

After application, FRONTLINE® does not pass into your animal's blood but concentrates in the sebum of the latter's skin (thin surface layer) and is thus stored in the sebaceous glands.

This treatment is therefore characterized by storage for several weeks after application, giving it resistance to rain, baths and shampoos. 

This spray is ideal for treating cats and dogs under 5kg.


The 100ml bottle can be used from the birth of your animal.

Usage tips :

Spray evenly 10-20cm away from your pet's body.
This product is a veterinary medicinal product. Read carefully the instructions before use.


Fipronil: 0.25 g.