Mega Ray Mercury Vapour UVA/UVB Combination bulb
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Mega Ray Mercury Vapour UVA/UVB Combination bulb

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This 100w Self Ballasted lamp is a top of the range Par-38 Narrow Flood lamp, it has been tested prove this lamp produces similar amounts of UVB to that of natural sunlight, combined with the heat output will create a ideal basking spot for your many applications and habitat designs.

This Reptile UV / Megaray UK original design provides the necessary UVB, UVA and heat for your UVB-dependent basking reptiles. Our Mega-Ray European SB 100 watt Narrow Flood Lamp produces more UVB than other true Mercury Vapour Floods, yet is safer for owners! Our design directs the majority of the UVB from the face of the bulb, rather than diffuse it across a 180 angle. 7 Years research has gone into developing this bulb, and reptile UV have conquered and reduced significantly the huge decay rates common in other bulbs. Most other bulbs decay up to 80% in the first few months, the Mega Ray bulbs decay less than 30% over the life of the bulb.Mega-Ray European SB 100-watt narrow-flood all-in-one is a 120-watt SB Par-38 220 volt True Frosted Flood Lamp. A true flood lamp, it will disperse usable UVB in a 30" circumference at a 20" distance.

MINIMUM distance setting of 12" will produce approximately 150-200 microwatts per square centimetre (uW/cm2) of UVB and 900-1200uW/cm2 of UVA.

MAXIMUM distance setting of 16" will produce 50-75 microwatts per square centimetre (uW/cm2) of UVB.

(Distance is measured from lamp face to basking spot or reptile for optimum UVB and heat.)

These bulbs are designed to hang straight down and not at an angle.

Warning: Heat This 100-watt self-ballasted bulb also produces heat. It is very important that you monitor the heat at the basking area and adjust the fixture-to-basking area distance accordingly to maintain a proper heat gradient. ALWAYS triple check the temperature at the basking spot - never risk burning your reptile.

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