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Powair Odour Neutraliser Range
Powair Odour Neutraliser Range
Powair Odour Neutraliser Range
Powair Odour Neutraliser Range
Powair Odour Neutraliser Range
Powair Odour Neutraliser Range
Powair Odour Neutraliser Range

Powair Odour Neutraliser Range

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If something smells bad, it’s time for PowAir!

PowAir is a powerful and effective odour neutraliser. It is made using a natural formula and is safe to use around people and animals. PowAir has all the power you need to eliminate virtually any type of odour. If you have an odour problem; use PowAir and it will be eliminated safely, naturally and permanently.

Made from Essential Oils

It is a series of complex formulas, using natural essential oil technology, designed to simplify odour control management. Formulated by specialist chemists, PowAir is a unique blend of natural essential oils that combine to give their powerful odour neutralisation capabilities. PowAir attacks, neutralises and destroys a wide spectrum of odours.


Available as solids, liquids and gels to be dispersed through the air – in small or large volumes. You can tackle any odour problem with PowAir. PowAir products are safe and have a natural formulation – reducing work safety concerns and allowing for aggressive odour management programs.


PowAir was originally developed for use in industrial applications to neutralise strong odours in sewage treatment plants, rendering plants and chemical plants. PowAir’s powerful odour neutralising capability makes it ideal for most locations. Whether it be home environments, office/working environments or commercial environments, PowAir will always be an effective solution in odour neutralisation.

PowAir Misting Dome

The PowAir misting dome is an odour neutralising diffuser unit with built in LED lighting. Choose from Pink, White or Green.  Create a relaxing atmosphere filled with the pleasant fragrances of PowAir liquid. The Misting Dome pumps a steady mist of PowAir liquid into your home or workplace which will remove any unwanted odours from the area.


PowAir Spray

PowAir Penetrator is a powerful surface spray that combines natural microbial enzymes and essential oils to safely eliminate organic odours trapped in materials such as cloth, textiles, upholstery, carpet, wood and concrete.


Penetrator Spray

Penetrator Spray permanently eliminates organic odours, including cat urine, sweat, body odour, vomit, faeces, blood, grease, mildew and smoke when trapped in porous materials.

PowAir Block

Eliminate odours safely and permanently with PowAir Block, a proven, industrial strength, essential oil based odour neutraliser. For use in small sized areas. Available in 3 refreshing scents.

PowAir Gel

Put down your air freshener and start using an odour neutraliser. PowAir Gel is the number one odour neutraliser to eliminate bad smells at your home and workplace. Use to tackle a wide range of odour problems and create a clean and fresh environment.


PowAir Liquid

PowAir Liquid is a natural odour neutraliser that can be dispensed with any type of sprayer – indoors or outdoors – and it is safe to use in household or commercial.

PowAir Urine and Odour

Remove dog and cat urine odours with PowAir Urine and Odour spray! This odour eliminator contains a proprietary blend of 40 natural essential oils and high performance enzymes that eliminates odours at the molecular level. PowAir Urine and Odour spray helps break down pet stains and smells, including urine, faeces, vomit, pheromones trapped in carpets and upholstery.

Pets&You Pet Wash Bags

The Pets&You Pet Wash Bag helps to prevent damage to your washing machine from loose pet hair. Acting as a filtration system for your washing machine, it works by retaining all pet hair inside the bag during the wash cycle, whilst allowing a free flow of water through the bag to clean your items.