Strohfelder Bedding/Litter
Strohfelder Bedding/Litter
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Strohfelder Bedding/Litter

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Strohfelder Platinum is made from 100% selected pure wheat straw, which makes it a nature-friendly litter. It leaves the smallest ecological footprint compared to other bedding materials such as peat, sawdust or wood shavings. 

Platinum is soft and at the same time - dust-free. It absorbs over 400% of moisture compared to its own weight.

It does not contain chemical or natural additives, such as perfumes, extracts, binding agents or similar. 

All Strohfelder® beddings are heat-treated at temperatures reaching 120° C, which makes them probably the safest litters on the market. Also, possible mold, fungus, salmonella, Coli bacteria and other risk factors are eliminated from the bedding during heat treatment. Furthermore, high-temperature treatment ensures a low level of moisture in our products (~8%), resulting in better performance of Strohfelder® Platinum Fein compared to other manufacturers’ beddings with moisture levels exceeding 10% up to 14 %. 

Strohfelder® bedding eliminates ammonia and absorbs its odour so it’s perfect for rabbit and cat litter trays, tortoises, rat, mouse, hamster, gerbil, Chinchilla and degu cages, poultry houses and runs etc.

Platinum has a neutral pH level (pH 7) and used Platinum decomposes in 2-3 months in adequate composting conditions, making it a great fertilizer!