Vetiq Puppy Teething Gel 50g

Vetiq Puppy Teething Gel 50g

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Mark & Chappell Teething Gel For Puppies is specially formulated to support healthy gums in developing puppies. The gel contains soothing chamomile, menthol and clove oil and is free from all sugars, colours and flavourings. Perfect for puppies during the teething stage (aged 4 weeks and above).


Helps to reduce the discomfort of teething
Contains Chamomile and Menthol Extracts to help soothe and provide relief to the sore gums on contact.

Contains Clove Oil.

Contains NO added sugar, colours or flavourings
For Puppies ages 4 weeks and up

Active Ingredient - Major Function 

Chamomile - Natural Herb, Soothing, calming and relaxing. Relaxes and tones the nervous system
Analgesic properties which reduces pain and has Anti-inflammatory properties

Menthol - Powerful essential oil. Acts as a natural mild anaesthetic and evokes a cooling effect on the gums which gives a soothing sensation.
It has local anaesthetic and counter irritant properties and produces a cooling effect.
Therapeutic properties of menthol are germicidal and are also known to reduce itching and tenderness which is associated with teething.

Clove Oil - Powerful antibacterial proven to relieve and deaden dental pain.
Acts on central nervous system stimulating a calming effect.
Cloves active component eugenol is an effective local anaesthetic and has been used for a long time in dentistry.

Can be given to puppies from aged 4 weeks and up or as soon as they show signs of discomfort (excessive chewing).