Extra Large Rabbit Or Guinea Pig Hutch 2m

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The 6ft Rabbit Hutch is spectacular.

The build quality is top-notch and far superior in many ways to the other 6ft hutch hutches being sold online.

With internal dimensions of over 6ft by 2ft by 2ft, this hutch is made according to the RWAF’s, RSPCA’s and most Rabbit Adoption Charities size guidelines.

It boasts all tongue and groove construction - including the back panels to make this a much sturdier design when comparing competitors hutches that use a cheaper plywood design to cut costs.

The wooden framework used in this large single story rabbit hutch is thicker than other 6ft hutches being sold in this price range.


Two of the four large doors are designed with our custom made 1.8mm thick wire which provides a sturdy barrier and a place to secure a water bottle and allow in some air and light.

Both doors come with 2 x green canvas flaps that you can conveniently roll down during bouts of bad weather or at night.

Inside, the entire floor is covered with a thin black plastic lining which will make it much easier to clean than a hutch that doesn't have this handy feature.

The hutch is slightly raised above the ground to help keep the damp and cold away. Each of the 6 supporting legs is capped with a sturdy rot-proof black 'foot' so you can put your hutch on any surface.


The feet are also adjustable too, by up to 2cm, so you can balance the hutch if the ground is not even.

Most importantly there is plenty of space with plenty of height inside for your rabbits to fully stand up. There is also a separate ‘quiet area’ then they can quickly retreat to if they want.

Due to the size of this item no postage options are available, collection of the built product or delivery by VP available to LA1 LA2 LA3 and LA4 only. 

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